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Sparkle drinks in multiples of 24 bottles (mixed cases are fine).

Apple & Pear

Case of 24 x 330ml. Locally grown apple and pear add a ...

$3.20 NZ

Elderflower & Green Currant

Case of 24 x 330ml. Locally grown green carrant add a crisp ...

$3.20 NZ

Sauvignon Blanc & Saffron

Case of 24 x 330ml. Locally grown sauvlgnon blanc and ...

$3.20 NZ

Ginger Lemon & Honey

Case of 24 x 330ml. Locally grown ginger and lemon add a ...

$3.20 NZ

Original Sparkle

Case 24 x 330ml. With notes of lychee and gooseberry ...

$3.20 NZ

Blackcurrant Sparkle

Case of 24 x 330ml. Locally grown blackcurrants add a crisp ...

$3.20 NZ

Feijoa Sparkle

Case 24 x 330ml. A New Zealand Classic. The marriage of ...

$3.20 NZ

Rhubarb Sparkle

A case of 24 x 330ml RTD bottles. Juice from natural ...

$3.20 NZ

Wild Rose-Hip Cordial

description coming soon

$12.00 NZ

Gooseberry Cordial

A case 8 x 500ml bottles. The gooseberry tastes like a sour ...

$12.00 NZ

Tart Rhubarb Cordial

Pure Rhubarb juice is extracted from the fruit and its ...

$12.00 NZ

Elderflower Cordial

A case of 8x500ml bottles. The elderflower is picked ...

$12.00 NZ

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